Items in the Exhibition

This is a page where you can download materials on the products submitted to this MILIPOL PARIS 2021 Exhibition

The Stealth 24/7

[Fixed Type] Countermeasure for the Generation of Eavesdropping Techniques is No Longer An Option!!
The Stealth 24/7 With Digital Bug Remote Monitoring Capability Can Protect You


The Stealth Team

[Portable Type] Countermeasure for the Generation of Eavesdropping Techniques is No Longer An Option!!
The Stealth Team With Digital Bug Remote Monitoring & Seeping Capability Can Protect You


GTG- TEMPEST Pluggable Filter

GTG’s 4 socket, TEMPEST pluggable filter has been designed for use within stringent TEMPEST environments and applications, where protection compliant to SDIP-29 and equipment hardening to SDIP-27 is required.


The Stealth ENCRYPT

Encrypt cell phone calls & voice messages The Stealth Encrypt
•Pair with mobile phone
•No registration, no APP installation, use directly
•Digital voice encryption technology(AES256)
•Protect your conversation from being eavesdropped


The Stealth Hidden Camera Detector

4” TFT LCD / 1.3MP CMOS / 3 HDR Infrared LEDs
DC 5V / 2.0 AH Battery / Approx. 2 Hours
8X Optical Zoom / Interchangeable CS Mount


The Stealth PRISON

The Stealth Prison detects illegal cell phone use in prison (jail) in real time 24/7 and notifies you through the PC of the central control center or text messages to supervisor. Because the location of the detected room can be known by ID, prison guards can find cell phones by intensive search in that area. In other words, it is a product that enables practical monitoring even when the guards are not on patrol.


The Stealth 3 Channel White Noise Generator

Anti-Eavesdropping & Recording

Power source: 110-220V, 50-60Hz
Dimensions ; 6.0×17.5×25.4cm Weight: 2.2 kg
Output channels 2 x TRANSDUCERS, 1 x SPEAKERS


The Stealth ROBOT

Autonomous Mobile Robot Bug Detector with Real Time Remote Monitoring Capability.
Protect from eavesdropping with Digital/Analog RF Transmitters
It’s capable of scanning even for a long period of time in a random space.
(For example, 2 nights and 3 days)


The Stealth ZERO & STICK

The Stealth Zero prevents the other person from recording what you are saying using a smartphone.

The Stealth Stick is not only easy to carry and find wiretaps and hidden cameras, but also has UV sterilization.

It makes you are in secure & safe place



Mobile Microphone Jammer

GTG-ZERO is a device used for effective protection of rooms (conference halls, offices, rooms for meetings etc.) against the possibility of eavesdropping on talks that take place in them and that constitute official, business or private secrets. GTG-ZERO emits inaudible acoustic signal, in fragmentary narrow bands of acoustic and ultra acoustic sound.


The Stealth DRUID 06

Protection of conversations against all kinds of eavesdropping

Professional system for protecting speech between up to 6 persons
Protects against all known methods of listening, including all types of radio microphones, stethoscopes, voice recorders, passive resonators, wired microphones, etc.


The Stealth Encrypt Plus

Encrypt Plus is a revolutionary product designed to provide its users with End to End secure communication (Text / Voice and Video) and information transfer capability using their handhelds / tablets and desktops using High Grade Military encryption engine.

Encrypt Plus provides a robust platform for Business and Government users to share and interact with their counterparts with full end-to-end security. Encrypt Plus server has been designed to provide a total security envelop over the communication irrespective of the communication medium or platform.


The Stealth LA5000

3CH White Noise Generator with Centralized Control Function
Prevent LASER Eavesdropping Via Windows

Each device is connected by Ethernet in a building
The PC's program controls each devices individually
Each device can also be controlled by remote controller

Tactical Intercept Catalog 2022-2023
- Digital Audio Burst Transmitter System
- Audio Surveillance
- Credit card type Recorder & RF Transmitter
- Stereo Stethoscope
- Array Microphone system
- Location Tracking
- LASER Mic.
The Stealth Lab Catalog 2023-2024-V0223.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [19.2 MB]