24/7 TSCM Monitoring Service

You can install the Stealth DX Series, in the security area such as offices, conference rooms, R&D and VIP rooms as request of client, and performs 24/7 TSCM monitoring service to prevent information outflow and privacy leakages by RF eavesdropping, RF spy-camera recording, bugging and wire tapping even laser tapping.


If any suspected RF activity is grasped by the Stealth unit, the Stealth DX, transmits an alert with the detected audio or video signal(s) to the central control center in real time via Internet to be analyzed whether harmful illegal activity or not. The Stealth 5.0, 3.0 and 2.0 prevent and detect any wire tapping and the laser eavesdropping.The client or security personnel will be immediately informed about on-going illegal activity to prevent any damage from important information outflow and privacy leakage. If necessary, the illegal devices in the security area can be found and removed by a professional TSCM team.


This unique service is significant surveillance to prevent or minimize the possibility of the illegal information outflow and privacy leakage by eavesdropping or tapping conversation and camera recording in private area.

It is strongly recommended to be used by the intelligence agency, the investigation office, the government and public offices and the big enterprise, R&D, hotel conference room, the casinos, VIP office, , the lawyer office and the residence of celebrities etc.

Key installation areas

- Corporate Head quarters
- CEO’s and Managing Directors Offices
- Corporate Board Rooms
- Conference Rooms
- Security Controlled Zones
- Major Hotel Conference Rooms & Executive Suites
- Lawyers and Solicitors Premises - Casinos