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Global TSCM Group, Inc. located in New York provides the world’s first professional TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) monitoring service. Our primary business is 24/7 TSCM monitoring service with the state of art "the Stealth Series" to protect our clients from the threatening of the illegal RF activities such as eavesdropping, espionage and privacy leakages.

For example, The Stealth DX, the RF eavesdropping monitoring module which installed in the information security area such as the office, conference room or residence of the politics, financial and big business CEO and entertainer, can monitor the area in 24/7 to be ready to grasp any illegal attempt of RF eavesdropping activity. When any suspected activity is grasped, an alert with the detected RF audio signal is transmited to the central control center in real time to be analyzed whether they are harmful activities. The client or security personnel will be immediately informed about on-going illegal activity to prevent any damage from important information outflow and privacy leakage.

Global TSCM Group, Inc. also develops the state of art professional TSCM equipments and supplies them to the world security market. Our “the Stealth series” are mostly operated and maintained by the professional security companies with a contract of monitoring service. Client can be supported to build a private security system in order to operate it by client’s own control system under own responsibility.

The Stealth Series are mainly in use in government office, law enforcement agency, executive offices and conference rooms of enterprise, R&D to prevent the information outflow and espionage. They are also used in the celebrities and VIP guest rooms in hotels and their residences to protect their privacy leakages. It is another usage of the Stealth DX RF detector to install under a game table in the casinos to prevent a con game by using wireless transmitter and spy-camera.

Our unique 24/7 TSCM monitoring service has been earning a good reputation from the satisfied clients who found its’ efficient result of the continuance security and the cost-effective surveillance comparing with regularly performing the temporary on-site sweeping service. Therefore, it is steeply increasing that the number of security company introduced the 24/7 TSCM monitoring service in the main category of their primary business.


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