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TSCM Market Size 2023, Share, Global Industry Analysis

  This is about examining major companies influencing the market in the global TSCM (communication security) industry in the era of Covid-19 and providing (or selling) the results report to government agencies and related departments of large companies.

  GLOBAL TSCM GROUP has been selected as a key player representing the North America and Asia region by research institutes of five leading global market research companies.

  We are deeply grateful to all of our clients who have helped us achieve all these results.

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WHAT'S NEW FOR 2024 !!

Our company's flagship items are threefold. 

Global TSCM Group, Inc. has been manufacturing specialized equipment in the TSCM field for 28 years. We supply to various government agencies, intelligence agencies, and large corporations worldwide, and we exhibit new products at major defense exhibitions such as Milipol-Paris and Milipol-Asia every year. We also plan to participate in the Qatar exhibition in the second half of this year. Our company's main products are threefold.


Firstly, there is The Stealth 24/7, a fixed continuous surveillance device. This product differs from others commonly available in the market. Instead of performing spectrum analysis, it immediately displays 'digital eavesdropping suspicion' or 'analog eavesdropping suspicion' upon detecting eavesdropping frequencies. It also allows for swift location marking, which is practically useful for eavesdropping detection. Installing 1-2 units per VIP office enables the maintenance of crucial security for key conversations. Additionally, when eavesdropping frequencies are detected, real-time alarms sound at the central control center, and alerts are sent via SMS.


Secondly, there is The Stealth PRISON, a cellphone detector for prisons. It can be installed in each cell to detect unauthorized cellphones and usage.


Thirdly, we have The Stealth TEAM, a portable eavesdropping detection device. In fact, for this device, which consists of essentially three units of The Stealth 24/7, additional details are provided below.


★ [The Stealth 24/7] BUG Detector with 24/7            TSCM RealTime Remote Monitoring Capability

The Stealth TEAM

Automatic Spectrum Analyzer Pinpointing the Eavesdropping Device Location 


Firstly, this equipment automatically analyzes without the need for practitioners to engage in challenging and meticulous spectrum analysis through wideband frequency scanning. It immediately displays suspicions of 'digital eavesdropping' or 'analog eavesdropping' on the screen.

In fact, through spectrum analysis, it is impossible to determine whether digital eavesdropping is occurring. Even I, Gyo seung An, who has been engaged in security measurement work for 28 years, nod in agreement to the difficulty of determining eavesdropping through spectrum analysis.


Therefore, after attending over 100 specialized exhibitions worldwide in the last 15 years and collecting advanced eavesdropping technology information, I have incorporated the results into our product, including digital modulation methods for each band and major eavesdropping frequencies. Secondly, through tracking the hidden eavesdropping device's location, we can easily and quickly remove the eavesdropping device.


This is achieved through triangulation, where frequency sensors are distributed across three zones for monitoring. Detected specific frequencies are downloaded to a separate search receiver to easily and rapidly identify those frequencies, irrespective of other frequencies.

The absolute function unique to The Stealth TEAM is the practical ability to track the location of eavesdropping transmitters in real-world scenarios. In other words, we can easily and quickly pinpoint eavesdropping devices.

Moreover, in specific cases, it is possible to detect the operation of my phone, unbeknownst to me, due to smartphone or spy app interference.


Furthermore, in cases of important meetings within the company or external venues like hotels, traditionally, security measurements were taken just before the meeting, and if nothing suspicious was found, it was deemed completed. However, The Stealth TEAM can place equipment inside the meeting room and monitor internal suspicions wirelessly from the outside or receive alerts via SMS.

Thus, even if security personnel cannot enter the meeting room, security tasks can be performed perfectly. Given that most digital eavesdropping devices are remotely operated from outside or automatically operated through event or weekly scheduling algorithms, such functions are essential.


This equipment can be used as temporary fixed monitoring equipment or mobile eavesdropping detection equipment without any shortcomings.


★ [GTG-ZERO]   New Generation of High Grade           Smartphone Scrambler


GTG-ZERO is a device used for effective protection of rooms (conference halls, offices, rooms for meetings etc.) against the possibility of eavesdropping on talks that take place in them and that constitute official, business or private secrets. GTG-ZERO emits inaudible acoustic signal, in fragmentary narrow bands of acoustic and ultra acoustic sound.


The components of the emitted sound are mixed in a randomly variable way, with the aid of specially developed algorithm. This signal acts physically on microphones of audio devices, causing their resonance, thus making impossible the clear recording or playing back of all kinds of received acoustic signals. In particular GTG-ZERO blocks the operation of analogue and digital eavesdropping devices, dictaphones, voice recorders built into mobile phones, etc. The emitted interfering signal has all round feature (360°) with the guaranteed jamming of all types of listening and recording devices effectiveness within 2 m radius from the GTG-ZERO


[Technical data]

*The range of frequencies generated 25,5 – 26,5 kHz

*signal level: 117dB

*Guaranteed jamming radius (all types of surveillance devices): 2 m, 360°

*Power: 12V/220V/230V-50HZ

*Weight: 5 kg

*Dimensions: diameter- 230mm; height 110 mm

*Continuous operation time with battery power up to 2 hours

*Continuous operation time with 230V AC power supply - 5 hours

*Automatic shut-off after 2 hours of operation


[Set contains:]

GTG-ZERO, charger 18 V DC/230VAC, 2x remote control, user manual, transport case.


[Turning on the device:]

The GTG-ZERO device can be started in the 230V AC mains mode or in the internal battery supply mode.


[Switching ON in mains operation mode:]

a. Connect the charger to the device Jamming indication Jamming disabled Connecting the charger Charge level indicator ON/OFF

b. Switching ON the device with the "ON" button

c. Run the jamming function with the remote control.


[Switching ON in internal 12 V battery mode]

a. Switching ON the device with the "ON" button

b. Run the jamming function with the remote control.


[Switching OFF]

a. Switch OFF jamming function use the remote control

b. Switch OFF the device with the "OFF” button.


[Useful tips:]

GTG-ZERO device - it should be placed in the middle of the table, where sit people running conversation. Other placement of the device result in limiting the possibility of effective jamming. In the case of large tables, it is recommended to use two or more GTG-ZERO devices


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[Youtube Video - Introduction of GTG Audio Jammer]

★ [Encrypt] Text + Voice and Video Encrypt !!            High Grade Military encryption engine!



GTG-OSD10 is designed for search and visualization the place of portable systems of secret observation (SOS - Secret Observation System), camouflaged in the various items, clothing, working or disconnected compact cameras under different lighting conditions at distances up to maximum 750m. (depending on weather condition).


Basic operation principle is "cat's eye" effect (light-reflecting effect) lying in ability of optical objects to reflect probing radiation in opposite direction with angle close to its incidence angle. Semi-conducting laser IR diode (transmitting channel) serves as the source of probing radiation. The reflected signal is registered by sensitive video camera on the basis of interleave transfer sensor (reception channel). The Device is developed on non-parallax optical scheme, i.e. with optical alignment of reception and transmitting channels.


Transmitting channel generates laser beam in the form of vertically located rectangular raster. Ability of illuminating raster can be changed if necessary, depending on distance to surveillance object, for reception of the best image contrast. Image focusing on sharpness is carried out by adjustment of video camera objective.

Visualization of surveillance objects is carried out through built in pseudo-binocular. In order to receive better images, the body of the Device is equipped with fastening and connection for external 5"LCD-monitor (delivered on request of the Customer), and with external CCIR standard video signal socket for connection with external monitor, video recorder or computer (with video capture card).

GTG-OSD10 Delivery set includes:

  1. GTG-OSD10 device;
  2. Video cable;
  3. Optionally LCD-monitor (with attachment bracket);
  4. Charging unit;
  5. AC/DC converter;
  6. Rechargeable battery;
  7. Protective packing. Plastic case with foam-rubber pad.

Technical Characteristics:

Characteristics of radiation receiver

Type of receiver

1/2", CCD

Size of receiver

752x582 pixel

Lens of detector

Focal distance

75 mm

Angle of the field of vision (FOV)

5° x 3.8°

Focusing range

2 m ... ∞

Action range

Detection range of watching and detection facilities
Actual effective detection range depends on weather conditions.

from 2 meters 
up to 750 m

Ocular and built-in display

Turning range of ocular

±4 dioptres


- type and display resolution

AMLCD 0,44",
640x480 pixel


Type of built-in light source



808 nm

Angle of highlight area


Functional capabilities

- pulse laser illumination;

- laser beam power adjustment;

- battery level indicator;

- device switch-off automatically when battery discharges;





PAL, LEMO connector

Self-contained power supply:
- Type of power supply
- Voltage of power supply

4 x Li-Ion 18650

Power supply:
- mains adapter

12 V

Operating continuous time under the normal climatic conditions. no less than

3 hours

Physical characteristics

Weight, with power sources

1,5 kg

Overall sizes

217x144x75 mm

Degree of protection

IP65 (on request)

Operating conditions

Operating temperature range

-10°C ... +40°C

★​ [Counter Surveillance Equipment Range]

The HSA-Q1 is a fully integrated portable RF Spectrum Analyser designed specifically for professional countermeasures use (TSCM).


It has been designed with the highest possible technical specification to ensure maximum detection capability and has a range of invaluable features to aid countermeasures RF detection or ‘Sweeps’. Despite its technical capability the HSA-Q1 remains easy to operate with an intuitive user friendly interface. 

HSA-Q1 features a wide 1 MHz to 13.44GHz frequency range with a sweep time of just 0.5 seconds (faster in shorter spans) to ensure detection of all types of RF signals especially modern pulsed burst signals that can be missed by slower sweeping units.


Frequency spans can be set anywhere from the whole 13.44 GHz range down to just 25 Mhz when detailed signal analysis is required. Simply move the cursor onto any detected signal and press the ‘Zoom’ button to view the signal in more detail.

The Waterfall (Spectrogram) function shows a real time full colour graphical display of any detected signal to allow the user further analysis. This is especially useful in analysing modern pulsed digital signals (or frequency hopping signals) such as those from Cellular, Wifi, Burst and GPS based devices.     


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★[The Stealth Druid-D06]     Portable Audio              Jammer & Speach Protection System




The Professional Portable Audio Jammer and Speech protection system

Global TSCM Group, Inc. The DRUID is an unique system for providing protection for a human’s speech.


Not all listening devices can be detected by existing methods. Remotely controlled radio microphones, wired microphones, passive resonators, miniature voice recorders – practically all these devices cannot be detected by conventional methods. Even a modern cellular phone may contain a digital voice recorder; this means that any phone lying on the desktop could be used by an adversary to record a conversation.


The generated audio interference cannot be cleared by any noise-clearance methods. At the same time the produced interference does not create any inconvenience to the participants of the negotiation thanks to the special headsets. The DRUID headset allows users to hear each other with crystal quality. Each headset can be adjust the level of microphone and earphone for the individual user and environment.

  • Professional system for protecting speech between up to 6 persons
  • Expansible participants by connecting another unit with the optional cable
  • Protects against all known methods of listening devices - All types of radio microphones, stethoscopes, voice recorders, passive resonators   and wired microphones, etc.
  • Absolutely harmless – no microwave reflections or ultrahigh sound noise
  • Portable Design – supplied in a plastic carry-case it can be easily prepared for use
  • DRUID provides a much higher level of protection than a white-noise generator.
    Acoustical white noise does not jam digital voice recorders completely even at a high volume.
  • The system can be used in any situation
  • Power Source: 110 V~220 V AC, an internal rechargeable battery (can work for up to 4 hours without mains supply)
  • Type of noise: Distortion+Reverberation in a random sequence


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★ [The Stealth SM2040DX]


Portable Audio Jammer and Speech Protection System


The Stealth SM2040DX is the most advanced portable audio jammer and speech protection system which protects you against third person listening, eavesdropping, and recording devices. The Stealth SM2040DX creates sound barrier interference which masks your speech and conversation to be extremely difficult or impossible to extract the original content from the noise.


When it is used in the correct manner, The Stealth SM2040DX will protect you from;

  • Third person listening
  • Voice recorders(tape and digital)
  • Microphones, wireless microphones
  • Stethoscopes, laser listening device
  • GSM/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi transmitters, etc.
The Stealth 2040DX
Product Catalog
GTG-The Stealth SM2040DX-.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [358.5 KB]

[Youtube Video - Introduction of The Stealth SM2040DX]

★ [The Stealth P-1207i] Multi-channel wireless        protocol detector

The Stealth P-1207i - Multi-channel wireless protocol detector


·   Portable device for the inspection and location of wireless Sources.

·   6 channels of detection for different kinds of protocols.

·   Detection of GSM, CDMA, 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max.

·   Can be used for tracing both regular sources and illegal RF eavesdropping devices.

·   6 bar graphs with 10 (segments each) for ac curate location of RF sources.

·   4 operation modes: Silent, Vibration, Visual and Beep

·   2 levels of sensitivity selections (attenuator)

·   Extra display shows probable protocol

·   Durable metallic body

·   Microprocessor controlled



·   Frequency range (up-link bands)

o CDMA                                                    824-849 MHz

o GSM                                                       880-920 MHz                

o GSM (DCS)                                           1710-1790 MHz 

o WCDMA, 3G, GSM (PCS), DECT         1920-2000 MHz

o Bluetooth, Wi-Fi                                    2400-2480 MHz

o Wi-Max                                                 3000-6000 MHz


·   Out of band attenuation                           20-45 dB

·   Antenna                                                       2 Omni-directional antennas

·   Detection distance                                     1-10 meters

·   Operation time                                            10-15 hours

·   Power                                                            2 AAA (LR03) batteries

·   Dimensions (without antennas)                 120 x 70 x16 mm

·   Weight                                                          217 g


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★ [The Stealth Navigator Pro]  Professional RF           Audio/Video TSCM Analyzer

The Stealth Navigator Pro is the most advanced TSCM RF Analyzer for detecting and eliminating illegal Wireless Cameras and eavesdropping transmitters.


With the optional Digital Protocol Detector (P-1207i), It can detect not only analog RF A/V signals but also digital signals such as CDMA, GSM, 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals used by the advanced bugs.


Main Features


  • Detecting RF Audio Signal

-    Detects Wide-Band RF signal and outputs it as audible like a FM radio.

-    Demodulates the detected AM/FM/SSB/CW signals and saves automatically.

-    VLF Convertor: Test Carrier signal on AC power line and telephone line.

  • Detecting RF Camera Signal

-    Detects and demodulates Wide-Band RF video signals and displays on LCD.

-    Scanning time within 30 seconds: 900Mhz ~ 3000Mhz, 5000Mhz ~ 6000Mhz

-    Saves the detected RF video signal and replays or copies it to a memory media.

  • Centralized Control

-    Connect a PC (Notebook PC) to have additional control the receiver, scanner, GPS map and Direction Finder.

  • Spectrum Analyzer (option)

-       This spectrum analyzers and measurement receivers are compact and simple to use.

-       With the built-in RF preamplifier, RF attenuator, and temperature compensation, you can now make quick, accurate RF measurements in the lab or in the field.

-       Using recent innovations in RF technology, it has the sensitivity, accuracy and dynamic range you’d expect in a unit many times its cost.

  • Detecting 2G & 3G Cellular Phone/ Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth Signal (Option)

-    Detects WCDMA (European 3G) up to 50 feet

-    CDMA (American 3G), GSM, iDEN, PHS and AMPS up to 70 feet.

  • Easy and Convenient Detecting Function

-    The customized probe helps to search and remove the RF bugs easily.

  • Custom build capacity: More functions can be added


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