The Stealth Druid-D06

The Professional Portable Audio Jammer and Speech protection system

The DRUID is an unique system for providing protection for a human’s speech. Not all listening devices can be detected by existing methods. Remotely controlled radio microphones, wired microphones, passive resonators, miniature voice recorders – practically all these devices cannot be detected by conventional methods. Even a modern cellular phone may contain a digital voice recorder; this means that any phone lying on the desktop could be used by an adversary to record a conversation.
The generated audio interference cannot be cleared by any noise-clearance methods. At the same time the produced interference does not create any inconvenience to the participants of the negotiation thanks to the special headsets. The DRUID headset allows users to hear each other with crystal quality. Each headset can be adjust the level of microphone and earphone for the individual user and environment.

  • Professional system for protecting speech between up to 6 persons
  • Expansible participants by connecting another unit with the optional cable
  • Protects against all known methods of listening devices - All types of radio microphones, stethoscopes, voice recorders, passive resonators   and wired microphones, etc.
  • Absolutely harmless – no microwave reflections or ultrahigh sound noise
  • Portable Design – supplied in a plastic carry-case it can be easily prepared for use
  • DRUID provides a much higher level of protection than a white-noise generator.
    Acoustical white noise does not jam digital voice recorders completely even at a high volume.
  • The system can be used in any situation
  • Power Source: 110 V~220 V AC, an internal rechargeable battery (can work for up to 4 hours without mains supply)
  • Type of noise: Distortion+Reverberation in a random sequence

The DRUID-D06 provides protection against:

  • Digital and tape voice recorders
  • Voice recorders built-into cellular phones
  • Radio microphones
  • Wired microphones
  • Stethoscopes, etc.

Headset DRUID-H-355

  • Built-in Microphone
  • Adjustable earphone and microphone On/Off switch
  • 4 headsets are supplied and up to 2 can be purchased as an option


Headset DRUID-H-345 - Option


  • Built-in Microphone
  • Adjustable earphone and microphone On/Off switch
  • Up to 6 can be purchased as an option





Type of noise


Number of channels

6 (4 Headsets are included in the standard model)

Power source

AC 110~ 220V | rechargeable battery

Duration of work from internal battery

2-4 hours


23x6.5x17 cm



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