The Stealth Navigator Pro

The Stealth Navigator Pro is the most advanced TSCM RF Analyzer for detecting and eliminating illegal Wireless Cameras and eavesdropping transmitters.


Main Features


  • Detecting RF Audio Signal
    • Detects and demodulates Wide-Band RF signal and outputs it as audio signal like a FM radio.
  • Detecting RF Camera Signal
    • Detects and demodulates Wide-Band RF video signals and displays on LCD.
  • Detecting 2G & 3G Cellular Phone/ Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth Signal
    • Detects WCDMA (European 3G) up to 50 feet
    • CDMA (American 3G), GSM, iDEN, PHS and AMPS up to 70 feet.
  • Easy and Convenient Detecting Function
    • The customized probe helps to search and remove the RF bugs easily.
  • Centralized Control
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