DRUID-D06: Speech Protection System

The DRUID_D06 provides protection against:

  • Digital and tape voice recorders
  • Voice recorders built-into cellular phones
  • Radio microphones
  • Wired microphones
  • Stethoscopes, etc.


The DRUID_D06 is a unique system for providing protection for human’s speech. Not all listening devices can be detected by existing methods.


Remotely controlled radio microphones, wired microphones, passive resonators, miniature voice recorders – practically all these devices cannot be detected by conventional methods. Even a modern cellular phone may contain a digital voice recorder; this means that any phone lying on the desktop could be used by an adversary to record a conversation.


Bearing the above points in mind it is extremely important to have a reliable device protecting private conversations not depending on their level of importance. The concept of the DRUID-D06 is based on generating audio interference produced simultaneously with a human’s speech. The volume of this interference is higher than of a person’s voice; therefore neither a listening device nor a recorder is able to pick it up.


The generated audio interference cannot be cleared by any noise-clearance methods. At the same time the produced interference does not create any inconvenience to the participants of the negotiation thanks to the special headsets. The DRUID-D06 headset allows users to hear each other with crystal quality. Each headset has a built-in RF detector which will guarantee protection against bugs which can be carried in the ear.


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The Stealth SM2020 - Portable Speech Protection System


The Stealth SM2020 is the most advanced portable speech protection system which protects you against listening and recording devices. The Stealth SM2020 creates sound barrier interference which masks your speech and any sound to be extremely difficult or impossible to extract the original content from the noise.


When it is used in the correct manner, The Stealth SM2020 will protect you from;

·   Voice recorders(tape and digital)

·   Microphones, wireless microphones

·   Stethoscopes, laser listening device

·   GSM/Buletooth/Wi-Fi transmitters, etc.


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OMS2000 3Way Omni Masking Speaker


The Omnidirectional Speaker is used with the DNG2300 to project acoustic noise into drop ceiling air spaces, closets, crawl spaces, and air ducts.



  • Size: 5 x 5-3/5 in (12.6 x 14.4 cm)
  • Weight: 2.0 lbs (900g)
  • Impedance: 24 ohms
  • Speakers per Generator: 12 @ full level

TRN 600(U) - New Genetation of Transducer



·         TRN600 – Piezo output

·         TRN600S – Speaker output with Vibration capability

·         Light weight – 45 g (TRN600)  50g (TRN600S)

·         Easy to connect – RJ11 Jack

·         Compact size – W 60 mm x H 24 mm

·         Direct attachment  to window or wall produce more efficiency of output and reduce leaked noise


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The Stealth MNG-300, MNG0300+


The Portable White Acoustic Noise Generator


The Stealth MNG-300 Skeller generates white acoustic noise in the speech frequency range of 250-4500 Hertz. Sound interference is put onto the recording and makes its quality worse. Due to a uniform distribution of white noise along the whole sound range, clearance of the obtained recording is impossible. The unit should be placed near the designated person to be protected. A digital-analog synthesizer is used to produce the noise.


The Stealth MNG-300 will improve the security of your important conversation such as a business negotiation and protect you against listening and recording devices. When it is used in the correct manner, the Stealth MNC-300 Skeller will protect you from:

  • Voice Recorders(tape and digital type)
  • Microphones, Wireless Microphoness
  • Stethoscopes, laser window stethoscopes
  • GSM-transmitters, etc.


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The Stealth DNG-2300 The Advanced Digital Noise Generator


The Stealth DNG-2300 is designed to prevent listening though devices that cannot be detected by conventional countermeasures and installed around the perimeter of a room – wired wall microphones, contact microphones, AC outlet transmitters and window systems based on the reflection of laser/infrared/microwave beams. It is an excellent addition to high level countermeasures.

It uses a combination of transducers and speakers placed strategically throughout a target area to create a blanket of masking noise that covers private conversations from eavesdropping.


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