TRN 600 (S): New generation of Transducer


TRN 600 is the new generation of transducer designed to increase the performance of Noise Generators. TRN 600 and TRN 600S are a specially designed Transducer used to inject acoustic noise into walls, finished ceilings, windows, plumbing, and air ducts.




  • TRN 600S
  • Acoustic Output with the Simultanneous Vibration capability for Speech Protection System
  • TRN 600U
  • Acoustic Output with  the Simultanneous Vibration capability for General Noise Generator
  • Light weight – 45 g (TRN600)  50g (TRN600S)
  • Easy to connect – RJ11 Jack (TRN 600S)   TRN-RJ11 (TRN 600U)
  • Compact size – W 60 mm x H 24 mm
  • Direct attachment  to window or wall produce more efficiency of output and reduce leaked noise



Connector Wiring


  • The Stealth Series: 4 or 6 pin RJ11 connector for both sides (standard RJ11 cable)
  • General Noise Generator
    • The standard RJ11 cable can be used.
    • 2 wires (B and Y) are required with RJ11 connector (Prepare own RJ11 cable)
    • Pin 2 (Yellow) – Positive +
    • Pin 5 (Black) – Negative -