Smart phone Scrambler




   New Generation of High Grade Smart phone Scrambler

  • The world’s first commercial implementation of “Multiple Dynamic Pha Processing Technology”.
  • Combined the innovative Analog scrambling Technology and Digital Encryption Technology.



VoiceSafer VS-U2013

Comprehensive anti-wiretapping system for Smartphone



VoiceSafer VS-U2013 converts human voices into non-interpretable analog noises and transmits the scrambled noises over the unsecured telephone network or Internet and then converts back to human voices on the other end of the line by MDP2 ASIC chip embedded within the wired telephone recorder, mobile phone, Bluetooth headset, hands-free set, or attached to the various types of voice communication devices.


With VoiceSafer™, you can protect your privacy on the phone over the unsecured public telephone lines or internet. Your confidential information and valuable intellectual properties should not be exposed to ever-present dangers of wiretapping or eavesdropping attacks that are always around us and must be protected safely by the advanced Tele-Security technology of VoiceSavfer™.


VoiceSafer™ is developed by new technology innovation and can be applied to fixed, wireless, VoIP phones, and all different types of voice communication devices because it processes input/output signals from the devices which are all analog voice signals regardless of the networking details.



Product Specifications


  1. Dimensions: 29.0 (W) * 7.2 (D) * 69.0 (H) (excluding plug part)
  2. Weight: 20g
  3. Battery: Lithium-Polymer 3.7V 300mA
  4. Battery life: about 2.5 hours (talking continuously in Secured Communication mode)
  5. Method of connection: ear-microphone terminal ø3.5 4 poles
  6. Main Chipset: 2011
  7. Method of communication: using VoiceKeeper built-in speaker and microphone
  8. Method of securing signal exchange: One-time code generation and auto-connection method
  9. Method of charging: micro-USB 5-pin (the same specifications with Android phone charging adapter)

VoiceSafer is a high grade security set of portable telephone scramblers that will work on any type of Mobile Network that will scramble your telephone conversation between two parties keeping your conversation totally private and secure. It is easy to use and has excellent compatibility in various combinations with any kind of phones such as mobile to mobile phone, wired to wired phone or mobile to wired phone, etc.





  • Applicable to all different types of voice communication devices.
  • Scramble Method: Analog Scrambler – Adopting the voice processing ASIC chip
  • Dynamic Scrambling: 1-10 times per Seconds
  • Security Key Exchange: Automatically updated by Random Number for every Phone call
  • Echo Prevention, Auto Re-sync Method
  • Can Only Work on Two Units, No Delay Time with keeping Voice Quality
  • Cell Phones, iPhones, Analog and Digital Phones




VoiceSafer ™ creates the new paradigm of Tele-Security Technology


  • VoiceSafer™ is always applicable to all different models of Smartphone by connecting
    with the standard ear-microphone terminal (ø3.5 of 4 poles).
  • VoiceSafer ™ is designed to be easily carried or moved because it was made from the dedicated ASIC chip of compact size.
  • VoiceSafer ™ is easy to switch between Privacy mode and Normal mode. Also, without any complex setup procedures of other existing Tele-Security products, you can setup this product easily just by connecting to ear-microphone terminal.
  • VoiceSafer ™ has adopted the world’s first commercial implementation of “Multiple dynamic phase processing Technology or MDP2” which is an innovation of analog voice scrambling and digital key encryption combined technology to enhance the degree of security.
  • In general, Tele-Security results in rapid deterioration of voice quality in proportionate to the degree of security. But, you cannot recognize any deterioration of voice quality during the conversation on the VoiceKeeper™ enabled phone devices even though its indecipherable degree of security.
  • VoiceSafer™ has a reasonable pricing police for public distribution

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