The Stealth SM2020

Portable Audio Jammer and Speech Protection System

The Stealth SM2020 is the most advanced portable audio jammer and speech protection system which protects you against listening and known recording devices. The Stealth SM2020 creates sound barrier interference which masks your speech and any sound to be extremely difficult or impossible to extract the original content from the noise.


When it is used in the correct manner, The Stealth SM2020 will protect you from;

·   Voice recorders(tape and digital)

·   Microphones, wireless microphones

·   Stethoscopes, laser listening device

·   GSM/Buletooth/Wi-Fi transmitters, etc.

Main Functions

1.    Sound Masking (Audio Jamming)

The 2 channel chaotic noise ( Distortion + Reverberation) in a random sequence secures your privacy and information from recent hi-tech speech extraction software.

·                     Main Speaker: 500 mW

This built-in speaker creates sound barrier interference against listening and recording nearby its location.

·                     Sub-Transducer: 700 mW x 2

This 2 special transducers (TRN600S) can be installed on window, wall, partition, ceiling and hard floor and create chaotic noise with random vibration depending on the output of noise to protect your speech from eavesdropping and listening.


2.    RF Detector: 70 MHz ~ 3000 MHz

The Stealth SM2020 has built-in RF detector to detect any active wireless microphone or covert camera and warns with a beep sound or LED.

·                     Detection distance: up to 3 M (10 feet)

·                     Sensitivity control capability



·   Protects against all known methods of listening devices - All types of radio microphones, stethoscopes, voice recorders, passive resonators and wired microphones, etc.

·   Portable Design – it can be easily prepared for use.

·   Provides a much higher level of protection than a white-noise generator.

·   The system can be used in any situation.

·   The StealthSM2020 built-in RF detector gives an additional protection against nearby radio microphones and RF transmitters.

·   Absolutely harmless – no microwave reflections or ultrahigh sound noise.


·   Type of Noise:                                2 Channel Chaotic Noise (Distortion + Reverberation)

·   Output (Electronic volume control)   Built in Speaker –  Max. 500 mW

Transducer – Max. 700 mW X 2 with Random  Vibration

·   RF Detector Frequency Range         70 MHz ~ 3000 MHz

·   RF Detection distance                     Up to 3 meters

·   Power Source                                 100 V ~ 240 V AC, Car Cigar Jack: 12 V ~ 28 V DC

·   Dimensions (without antennas)         110 W x 135 L x48 H (mm)