Blocker of Active Interception Systems (TS-GSM)

Available to Law Enforcement agencies ONLY!!

TSCM-GSM is the intellectual system that makes it possible to detect the unauthorized use of IMSI catcher and active interception systems and disable its operation. The system can also alert you about the attempts of unauthorized surveillance and interception of calls and SMS.

Key features

Detects the attempts of using the IMSI Catcher and active interception systems by certain group of signs, including hidden use. Totally blocks the operation of detected catchers. Supports a simultaneous blocking of several IMSI Catchers and active interception systems.

Detects the IMSI Catcher and active interception systems notwithstanding the change of their settings (another frequency, LAC, CellId, etc.). Small dimensions, the possibility of hidden installation. It is controlled by a standard mobile device - phone, tablet, laptop.


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