Laser Monitoring System GT-2020

Available to Law Enforcement agencies ONLY!!


The GT-2020 System is intended for covert pick up of information without the necessity of coming close to the sound source or entering the premises where the conversation is taking place (offices, vehicles, etc).


Key features


; Operation on distances up to 100 m without entering the room where the conversation is taking place

; Speech retrieval from any material like paper, metal, plastic, textile, etc.

; Easy to control: emitter and receiver are in a single unit

; Easy targeting by means of integrated camera and tripod with stepper motors

; Remote access for the Device control and audio signal obtaining

; Good speech intelligibility and protection against the noises on the way from the target to the Device

; Possibility to work through the glass (windows, car glass, etc.)

; Registration of video- and audio-signals

; Compact design



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