Non-Linear Junction Detector




Professional Non-Linear Junction Detector



  • Police and law enforcement agencies, private investigators for counter surveillance bug cleaning and bug sweeping operations.
  • Organizations requiring Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Equipment for securing their environments from covert listening or eavesdropping transmission devices. 
  • ACU-LUX Winner "Best Choice for Sweep Teams" at Milipol Paris. 




  • TECHNOLOGY BASES: Based on the generation of microwave signal radiation, which when put in contact with transistors, diodes, or chips re-emits at certain higher frequencies. When bug sweeping the re-emitted signal is received on the antenna and processed showing the 2nd and 3rd harmonics on the LED indicators and heard via earphones.
  • LOW FREQUENCY 20K MODE: The LUX Surveillance Equipment Detector allows for listening of low frequency of detected devices such as tape recorders, radio, microphone amplifiers, and is a powerful tool in the identification of the type of non linear device (bug) being detected.
  • RESOLUTION: The resolution of each LED indicator is 3dB and the received signal can also be heard with the accompanying earphones.
  • AUTOMATIC SELECTION: The system automatically selects the best frequencies (not interfering with GSM range) allowing the surveillance bug detector to work in a concentrated environment.
  • ADJUSTABLE: The ACU-LUX Non Linear Junction Detector's transmitter power can be adjusted as well as the receivers sensitivity.
  • CAPABILITY: The radar operates in pulse mode with a radiated power of 16 watts per pulse, this allows for higher (-130ddBVt) sensitivity of the receivers. Therefor the ACU-LUX bug detector matches or exceeds the most powerful current Non Linear Junction Detectors (NLJD) available. This is achieved by optimising the parameters of the signal in conjunction with a superior antenna system.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Ergonomic and light (1.3 kg including battery) with extendable/retractable poll inside the handle for superior reach, also the surveillance equipment detector's innovative screw-in battery extends the handle further.
  • USAGE PARAMETERS: Operation speed, product safety, ergonomics, battery and continuous usage time (not less than 5 hours), the ACU-LUX Surveillance Equipment Detector exceeds all currently available Non Linear Junction Detectors.



  • Control unit is a transmitter and two multi-channel high sensitivity radio receivers which tunes to the 2nd and 3rd harmonics frequencies.
  • Key Function controls and LED Indicators are controlled via the control panel.
  • Uncluttered controls and high visibility of the indicators shows the ease of use of the unit.
  • The Surveillance Bug Detector tuning is assisted with two special NLJD imitators included in kit.





  • During bug sweeping operations the transmitter operates in pulsed mode in the range of 915 Mhz.
  • Step frequency tuning of 200 kHz.
  • Maximum output power per pulse 16 (plus or minus 1dB).
  • Minimum output pulse 1.6 dB.


  • Frequency setting of the bug detector's receiver = X 2, X3 frequency of transmitter respectively.
  • Sensitivity of each receiver Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) at least 6 dB-136dB/Vt
  • Dynamic range of at least 30 dB.
  • Manual receiver gain, four stages of (10 dB) in each stage.
  • 20k Mode, transmitter emits signals modulated by the amplitude of the sequence of radio pulses. Demodulation width signal spectrum is 500-2000 Hz.


  • The ACU-LUX Non Linear Junction Detector has 3 Antennas, structured into a single unit.
  • Main lobe width of the directional characteristics receiving and transmitting = 90 degrees at -3 dB.
  • Transmitting and receiving antennae have circular polarization with an elliptical ratio up to 1.5
  • The transmitting and receiving of the surveillance bug detector's antennas are coaxial pattern, deviations maximum of the main lobe not exceeding 50.


  • ACU-LUX Non Linear Junction Detector Antenna (3in1) attached to Control Panel with extendable pole.
  • Detachable screw-in re-chargeable battery with external charger.
  • Headphones set.
  • Non Linear Junction Detector imitators for tuning.
  • Carry case.

B-2: Professional Compact Non-Linear Junction Detector


Non Linear Junction Detector B-2 is a small size search appliance designed for the detection of electronic componenets, both active and passive, disguised in various environments. B2 provides detection of receiver-transmitter equipment and radio-electronic devices, including SIM-cards of mobile phones, voice recorder and others. Detection range is from 10 cm to several meters (depending on the type of detected devices).



  • Police and law enforcement agencies, private investigators needing a small size non linear junction detector for bug cleaning and bug sweeping operations.
  • Organizations requiring Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Equipment for securing their environments from covert listening or transmission devices, particularly organizations needing hand held non linear junction detector for personal inspection


  • ACTIVE AND PASSIVE DETECTION: ACU-B2 Portable Non Linear Junction Detector (NLJD) is designed for the detection of both active and passive electronic devices. Provides detection of all types of eavesdropping equipment such as receiver-transmitter or radio electronic devices, including mobile phone SIM Cards, voice recorders, radio bugs and any listening device.
  • QUALITY AND ACCURACY: High quality demodulation of the received signal. Detection can be made from 10 cm to several meters away, depending on the detected device.
  • UNIQUE COMPACT DESIGN: Unique and innovative compact design, its small size and weight (350g) with quality ergonomic hand held portable nature means it can be used immediately.
  • INSPECTION APPARATUS: ACU-B2 Compact Non Linear Junction Detector (NLJD) because of its small size and irradiation compliance, the compact NLJD can be used as an personal inspection device.




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