The Stealth GSM-BOX II

The Portable mobile phone eavesdropping protector


Modern communications give varied possibilities of information exchange. At the same time these devices can become a dangerous tool for picking up information illegally. A reprogramming of your mobile phone, substitution of it, or being given a modified telephone will give other people access to the data in your telephone, or the ability to listen to all conversations around you from anywhere in the world. Such illegal actions can be accomplished without any signs on the display being shown or sound signals being heard.

The Stealth GSM-BOX II has been designed to detect and indicate the illegal activation of a mobile phone.  In addition to this main functions, the Stealth GSM-BOX II also creates interference to the surrounding area of the telephone’s microphone by generating ‘white noise’ when radio-waves are detected; this noise suppresses the microphone in the telephone rendering it useless.


  • Warns with the 3 LEDs and a sound alarm when the telephone starts exchanging data with the network
  • Automatic generation of audio interference
  • Accurate and sensitive detection of GSM 900/1800, CDMA850, WCDMA2100 (3G, UMTS)  by intelligent algorithm of the micro-controller
  • Separate visual and sound an indication of different communication protocols
  • New convenient ‘credit card-style’ design suitable for pocket use, belt carrying cases, bags, desktop stands, etc.
  • A new sensitive scheme of detection with pre-selectors provides better detection distance
  • Does Not block the mobile network in the area
  • No adverse effect on health (no electromagnetic waves)
  • Frequency range of generated interference: 300-5000 Hz (white noise)
  • Sound pressure level in the area of  the speaker: 90 dB
  • Power Sources: 3V, CR2430 - Long battery resource of up to 5 days (low current consumption)
  • Dimension: 100x50x5 mm (4x2x0.2 inch) 90 dB




Detected protocols

GSM 900/1800,

CDMA850, WCDMA2100 (3G, UMTS) and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

Frequency range of generated interference

300-5000 Hz (white noise)

Sound pressure level in the area of  the speaker

90 dB

Power source

3V, CR2430 battery

Current consumption

3 mcA/15mA (standby/noise)


100x50x5 mm


Please Note: Most digital communication devices might have a periodical exchange with the network with small packets of data. This is not a danger, but rather a result of the mobile device’s movement or registering with a network. Only activities with a longer duration may be considered dangerous and should attract your attention. 



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