The stealth GSM-Safe II

The Spy phone protector

Modern communications give varied possibilities of information exchange. At the same time these devices can become a dangerous tool for picking up information illegally.

A reprogramming of your mobile phone, substitution of it, or being given a modified telephone will give other people access to the data in your telephone, or the ability to listen to all conversations around you from anywhere in the world. The Stealth GSM-SAFE II has been designed to detect the illegal activation of a mobile phone. In addition to this main function, the GSM-Safe II also creates interference to the surrounding area of the telephone’s microphone by generating ‘white noise’ when radio-waves are detected; this noise suppresses the microphone in the telephone rendering it useless.

  • Automatic generation of audio interference
  • Accurate and sensitive detection of GSM 900/1800, CDMA850 and WCDMA2100                  (3G, UMTS) by an intelligent algorithm of the micro-controller
  • Visual and sound indication of different communication protocols
  • Produced as an attractive wooden desktop stand
  • A new sensitive scheme of detection with pre-selectors provides better detection
  • Long battery life of up to 10-15 days when used moderately
  • Does not block the mobile network in the area
  • Has no adverse effect on health (no electromagnetic waves)
  • Compatible with virtually all types of GSM telephones (practically any height and thickness)
  • Built-in diode for indication of the active mode and the detected protocol (3 colors)
  • Power Source: 2 AAA batteries
  • Working time (stand-by/active): 1 month / 18 hours - Current consumption (stand-by/active): 1.2 mA / 50mA

The Stealth GSM-SAFE II has been created as an attractive desktop stand to protect your conversations in case your mobile phone has been modified or changed. Its features include a built-in radio-frequency detector, a controlling scheme and a noise generator which turns on when the phone is active. Therefore, the phone should be kept in the Stealth GSM-SAFE II to provide 24 hour indoor protection. Normal calls can be answered in the usual way since you will hear the telephone’s melody or vibration and simply remove it from the stand. Hidden ‘spy’ activations do not produce any sound or vibration and this is where the Stealth GSM-SAFE will protect you. In the event of a ‘spy’ activation the Stealth GSM-SAFE will automatically turn on its noise generator and the listener will hear only this sound. You will also instantly notice your phone’s activation thanks to the built-in LED indicator and the low sound coming from it.


Use a screw-driver to open the screws of the battery compartment on the bottom of The Stealth GSM-SAFE II. Use 2 new alkaline AAA batteries to achieve the best working time. After installing the batteries press the ‘Power’ button on the bottom of the device. The diode on the front of the device will blink green every two seconds, confirming its working state.


To ensure that The Stealth GSM-SAFE II is working properly, place an active mobile phone close to it. The diode should turn on and a low noise should be produced inside the stand. The sensitivity of the built-in detector has been tuned so that the generator turns on at a distance of 50 cm and less.


Depending on the type of the mobile network the diode will light a different color and the built-in generator will produce different types of noise:



Type of  telephone







Orange Intermittent






Red - Low power




Please note:

The GSM standard works so that all phones periodically exchange some information with the base station such as during turning on/off, changing position or receiving an SMS. The Stealth GSM-SAFE II becomes active at these moments but there is no cause for alarm, only prolonged periods of noise generation should be heeded.



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